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He brought back Christmas

Christmas morning is usually not a big deal in my household. I wake up late. My presents aren’t wrapped and more than likely in my trunk. I don’t give gifts first thing. It’s moreso when I feel like getting them out the trunk. There’s really not much excitement. I really don’t expect anything because I know people don’t have any money for real. I’m excited about the gifts that I give out because at least I think I give good gifts. But that’s about it.

Every year our fun is on Christmas Eve. My mom invites the family over.  We eat, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. My godsister stopped by with her 1 year old son. This lil boy is so loveable. He just smiles and makes you want to pinch his chubby cheeks all day long. Well, my godsister had to work Christmas morning and her son was going to stay with one of her aunts. She wasn’t having luck getting in touch with somebody from her aunt’s to let her in to take his stuff. It was already late and she had to be at work at 6 in the morning.

So we just let him stay with us that night. Our Christmas morning was totally different because of him. It was so much fun watching him unwrap his gifts and going from toy to toy. He was just a smiling. I took pictures and recorded him so I could show his momma. Christmas morning with him was the best present ever. He definitely made our household feel like Christmas on Christmas morning.

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  1. Sunny
    December 28, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Oh em gee. I feel this!!!! Christmas just seems so _______________ because we don’t have any little ones in our family yet, so this year, my family bought gifts for my little sister’s friends kids and they came over and just made it fun!!!! The one year old came home with us and spent Friday night to last night with us and was completely entertaining!!!

  2. ms80sbaby
    December 28, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I bet it was entertaining because we were entertained by the cookie monster as well…. I can do babies that don’t cry. And he don’t cry at all. All he want to do is eat. That’s why I named him the cookie monster because he stay eating and will devour a cookie in a minute.

    And we don’t have little ones either…. Our youngest is 10 and the one next to him is 15 and they still have yet to be “grateful” for their gifts…

    But I was surprised that I had a decent little pile. I got some fresh linen oils from Bath & Body works from my aunt and talked her into giving me some extra. I love fresh linen so I was too juiced about that. I was also surprised by the amount of money I recieved. I’m really appreciative because I really wasn’t expecting it… I give because I have the thought to give and the money. Not because I want people to give to me in return.

  3. Sunny
    December 28, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    LOL. I am the same way girl. (babies that don’t cry)! She has a three month old brother and while we visited with him over my mama’s, he hasn’t been back over to the apartment in a while. lol.

    Girl it seems like kids go from, excited to thinking they DESERVE STUFF… my friend says her 7 year old is like that. UGH…

    I love fresh linen too! lol. I always say, if I can find a perfume that smells like it, I’m on it. Walking around smelling like Snuggle. It sounds like you had a good time! That’s the same thing- I didn’t expect to get anything because we were SUPPOSED to be doing for the kids.. but my parents ended up getting us stuff anyway.. my fav thing MONEY.

    I am with you- it feels good to give.

  4. ms80sbaby
    December 28, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Exactly about the deserving… My 10 year old cousin got a touch ipod….I was shaking my head at his momma like he don’t take care of stuff for you to be spending over 200 for a piece of electronic. And then had the nerve to talk about the stuff he got last year.. Talking about he didn’t get a lot of stuff so that was one of his worst Christmas’s.. I just shook my head. The lil ungrateful thang got a laptop last year among other things….

    I love fresh linen. That’s the stuff I pull out when I have company coming. When I had people over they were like what are you using to have it smelling like that in here. I had to give up my secret of the fresh linen oil. I even gave a bottle away to one of my friends. LOL My other scent is Strawberry Patch but that’s my everyday scent for the place. Those are the only scents I mess with from bath & Body works.I can’t do real heavy scents. I stick to the light stuff.

    My momma even gave me some money and I was tickled because she wrapped it up… LOL But it does feel good to give. I had gave my aunts giftcards and a lil gift on the side. 2 of them got these cute lil makeup brush sets for their purse and another got a cute lil mug set since she loves tea… The one who had the mugs seen I had some extra brush sets in the car.Talking bout such and such had hers in her purse at church and it was soo cute and I want one… I just handed it over. But I hit her up all the time so I couldn’t even be mad.. LOL

    But I am definitely a giver.

  5. Sunny
    December 28, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    ” I just shook my head. The lil ungrateful thang got a laptop last year among other things….”

    Girl I would’ve SNATCHED IT AWAY. lol. Kids are a hot mess. 80s, what are we gonna do when/if we have them?

    “My other scent is Strawberry Patch but that’s my everyday scent for the place. Those are the only scents I mess with from bath & Body works.I can’t do real heavy scents. I stick to the light stuff.”

    Me too!!!! Oooh, you are making me want some. lol. I used to use linen spray until one day I woke up with a big spidey in the bed with me.. so now I’m scared. lol. But I love good smells.

    Those were some great gifts that you gave! I need to start being like you and buying things and stocking throughout the year so I don’t get all stressed out, when I HAVE to get something.

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