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So much happened over the weekend…… I don’t even know where to start…..I’ll start with the highlights of the weekend. So my last post was in reference to both my great grandmother and Aunt H being in Hospice. Well, yesterday my great grandmother’s five days were up so she was being released to go home. Before they took her to the ambulance they wheeled her in my Aunt H’s room…… It was such a Kodak moment and nobody had a camera. Of course, when they were wheeling her in my Aunt H looked up and made a face like who is that. So all of us were like we have a surprise for you and it’s your sister…. So then Aunt H was like well, she look like herself. For some reason, my great-grandmother wasn’t all that responsive. She would look but really wasn’t saying anything. I asked Aunt H was she happy to see her and she said no. And my great- grandmother said the same thing. So I made a joke out of the situation like I think y’all been out here fighting when nobody was around. lol Since the paramedics were pressed for time then we didn’t want to hold them up any longer. So I told Aunt H to tell her sister that she loved her…. She said well, Ruthie, I love you even if you don’t love me I love you….. So then we told my great-grandma to tell Aunt H that she love her. She didn’t say nothing…So we leaned up close to her and then we said Aunt H she said that she love you too…… I’m glad I was able to see their reunion . I believe they hadn’t seen each other since August. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing.

In the last post, I had also touched on my uncle passing. So I attended his funeral this weekend and that was the funniest funeral I have ever been to. It wasn’t sad at all. My uncle was a jokester and what came up came out. So there was a lot of people who spoke and pretty much shared a memory of them and it always ended up being funny. To give you a lil background on my uncle, he owned a bootleg, was an avid member of a softball league, and was a ladies man. It’s been a while since he actually played but he still helped out with the team. Everybody knew him and pretty much loved him.  But to give you an example of the funny moments. This bishop was up there singing some song he made up and then when he was finished he said man, I’m sure gonna miss his cough syrup. The church just fell out laughing because we were thinking what all was in that cough syrup.

So the funeral was cool and I’m so not a funeral person. And then they do things a little different. Because the repast was actually a party. I’m talking about food, dj, dancing, and alcohol. The funeral was at 2 and we left the cemetary a little after 4. (I had also never seen a casket actually get lowered into the ground) So after the cemetary we went straight to the repast which was held at a hall. My family can be some partyers. Needless to say I didn’t leave the repast/party until after 11. Yes, I did the Casper slide, got my dougie on, and learned a few other dances all in honor of my uncle S.  I really did enjoy myself and I’m glad I went.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding my weekend… MORE TO COME!!!!!!

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