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I know a family secret

I actually forgot about this until my coworker just mentioned her mother’s dog dying and they were up all night burying him. Anywho, my family secret is…… Are you ready?……… Do you really want to know?….. Ok I quit playing…. *snickers* The family’s dog is buried in the back yard of my great-grandmother’s house.  It’s a secret because it’s only a few people in the family who know. My great-grandmother’s son was AGAINST them doing that and that’s why it’ currently a secret.

To give you some history on the dog. My aunt came over my great-grandma’s with Goldie*  (name has been changed to protect the identity. Ha!) when I was in elementary school with this puppy. She claimed that her and her boyfriend at the time had found the puppy in the snow. I still don’t know whether that’s the truth. I was in probably about 4th grade at the time. So I would estimate that this was about 91 or 92. Somehow or another the puppy ended up getting to stay over my great-grandmother’s house.

I’m really not a friend to the animals so it took a while for me to warm up to Goldie. I just didn’t do dogs. Still don’t Eventually, I got over my fear. Me and Goldie never really bonded over the years. I don’t think I ever would sit and pet her. But I did accept her as part of the family. I still have no clue what kind of dog she was.

Goldie hung around for her a long time. The last couple of years her old age finally caught up with her. It’s not funny but she was senile, blind, and “they” say she had doggie alzhemiers. She always looked so pitiful. Everytime we used to joke about it being her time my great grandmother would perk up and say aint nobody gonna touch Goldie. Goldie had grew to become her baby and vice versa. Heck, my great grandma could be sick and the only thing she asked about was Goldie. Where’s Goldie? 

This past summer, Goldie finally collapsed and couldn’t get back up. My uncle (great-grandmother’s son) scooped her up and took her to the vet. They said even though she was weak she found the strength to look back at the house one more time as if she knew she wasn’t coming back.My family sometimes can be so dramatic.  The vet said that her organs were shutting down. My uncle okayed for her to be put to sleep because he didn’t want her to be suffering anymore.

So then the arguments came about what to do with Goldie’s body. Some wanted to do this and some wanted to do that. This leads to the secrecy.  Anywho, the decision was made that she was going to be buried in the backyard. Goldie died in July and my aunt kind of let it slip over Thanksgiving break with me and my sister where she was buried. During this discussion, my aunt went on to say how she knew of several 2520 counterparts who buried their dogs in the backyard. (To make it seem like this is the norm) I knew of nobody who did this. She had a high school friend dig the hole and then she knew a counterpart from the funeral home who gave her some kind of bag to put Goldie in. Tada ~ Goldie has a plot in the backyard.

 So tell me…. Is this the norm? Have you experienced a pet loss? Did you bury them in the backyard? Talk to me……

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  1. V Renee
    December 8, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Ummmm we have pet cemetery in my parent’s backyard. There are at least 3 dogs back there, multiple hamsters, an iguana and 2 parakeets. I never thought it may be considered weird until I read this.

    Oh and this is kind of funny. When I lived in Columbus, I used to work at a bank. Me and another co-worker grew to be GREAT friends. We still are. When I used to talk to my mama on the phone, he would get on the phone too. He called her Brendanator. LOL. Well at the bank we used to have a couple of snails on the counter….along with fish (snickering). Well one day the snails died. My co-worker got the bright idea that we should MAIL the snails to my mama. So we did. My mama got the package. WHY did she bury the snails in her front garden???? She even made a tombstone for them. BWHAHAHAHA. The tombstone/garden is out there to this day.

  2. ms80sbaby
    December 8, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Ummmm we have pet cemetery in my parent’s backyard. There are at least 3 dogs back there, multiple hamsters, an iguana and 2 parakeets. I never thought it may be considered weird until I read this.

    @V… I wouldn’t even say that it was weird. It’s just that in my household we were not a friend to the animals. So I have no experience with a dead animal other than flushing a goldfish from the fair that didn’t last a day down the toilet. I seen it on the movies and stuff but I had NO idea that people actually buried their pets for real. So did y’all have funeral services in the background before y’all buried them????

    Yeah and next time you go to your momma’s house I’mma need you to take a picture of the snail’s tombstone….;)

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