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Bless their hearts

So over Thanksgiving break my family was visited by our twin cousins. These twins were in the area for a program and instead of going home they decided to spend Thanksgiving with us. Mind you, we didn’t even know that they had been in the area since August because we hadn’t heard from them. However, they called two weeks ago asking who was gonna pick them up for Thanksgiving. Yep, didn’t ask if it was okay or anything just invited themselves to our family dinner. It wasn’t that this was a problem because they’ve been down before years ago but this year we weren’t doing a big Thanksgiving considering my great grandmother was sick.

Anywho to give you some more information regarding these twins. They are 22 years old however, their mental capacity is not where it should be. Bless their hearts. They slow. I take that back one is not as bad as the other one and I can handle her. But that other one, I would lose it if I was locked in the room with her. I was around them for the first time years ago at a Thanksgiving dinner and all they did was stare at me the entire time. It was so annoying. However, I didn’t realize the extent of their problem until now.

It’s obvious that they are a little challenged. One is more challenged then the other. So I’m really baffled that their mother sent them off to this program especially the REAL challenged one. I understand that this program is supposed to help them learn responsibility and all that other stuff. But I’m a little concerned especially for that one.

The main reason that I’m concerned is because she seems to be infatuated with SEX. Yes, you read that correctly. Her lil challenged behind is INFATUATED with sex. To give you an example, all of us were sitting around watching tv and she proceeds to say that a man on tv looked like he’ll be good in the bedroom. All of us were thinking we didn’t hear her correctly so my sister asked her to repeat herself and she said it again. Of course, the room busted out laughing even my younger cousins. We had to ask her not to say that type of stuff around the kids.

So over the course of the weekend she kept saying stuff that was off the wall related to sex. My aunt said that she asked her if sex hurt. So my aunt told her yeah it hurt reaaaallllllll baaad trying to scare her. My daddy said that he heard her tell her sister you over there laughing like you having an orgasm.

She was over my house and  had mentioned their being a difference between me and my sister’s senior picture. So I explained that they were two different shots. Mine’s was considered a full body shot and my sister’s was only of her face. Then she goes off on a tangent about how she only show her face on facebook and myspace. She said them boys would lose their mind if she showed her body because they already going crazy over her face. She also said that the boys must be liking what they see because they stay requesting her as friends. And as she was telling me this she was smiling too hard. She just kept going on and on about these guys on the internet. I told her lil fast butt that she bet not EVER go to meet any of them guys off of the internet. She said oh no but I don’t know if I believe her.

It worries  me because I think someone may try to take advantage of her especially in regards to sex. They say that they are virgins and I believe them. But I don’t think that one trying to be a virgin too much longer. It’s sad too because she’ll start talking that sex talk when men come around. Men like my daddy and my uncles. So if she saying that stuff in front of them ain’t no telling how she be talking around men her age. The whole situation just saddens me.

Lord, I thank you for blessing me with all of my screws but I ask that you watch over those who are missing a few including my younger cousins. Especially that challenged one. I ask that you protect and shield her from all harm. Amen


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