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This has to be a test……

On Saturday I went to see New Moon with a couple of friends and the movie was packed with lil teeny boppers. We arrived a little bit before it started so all the seats were pretty much taken. We ended up having to sit in the second row. Anywho, once we sat down we were looking around to see if we could find better seats. We noticed three empty seats behind us moreso in the middle so we were gonna move. Before we could get up a mother and her two sons claimed the seats so we stayed put.

One of my friends went for pizza and I noticed the seats we were gonna move to were open again. So I started gathering my things so we could move to those seats. I stood to move and this lil 2520 had her boyfriend switch her sides so it wouldn’t be room for us to sit there. Thing is we were talking about it before we actually got up to move and once I stood up I seen her tell her boyfriend to move quickly. She only did it because she had overheard our conversation and obviously didn’t want us to sit there. That PISSED me off. I just stood there for a minute and then before I knew it I was like I can’t stand lil B*!^@*#!

So then I caught myself and just sat back down. I was talking to my friend  like I can’t believe she did that. It’s really not that serious. Of course, I was saying it loud enough for her to hear. And I started going in on the bf like so what is he a little puppet. He just do everything she say. She say jump, he say how high. Then the little 2520 jumps up like you can just stop with an attitude.

I was definitely about to have a moment! But I refrained and didn’t even address her. I went back to talking to my friend and let the 2520 overhear that she needs to chill. I also let her overhear that she’s lucky that I’m working on my issues because I can POP OFF. She almost ruined my movie experience but I didn’t give her that much credit.

Seriously though, I feel like this has to be a test. I’ve been tempted 2 weeks in a row to POP OFF and cause a scene. But I’ve held it in.  This past weekend it wasn’t that hard because the 2520 was a young girl. I’m assuming senior in high school or freshman in college. And I had to remember where I was. The movie itself was filled with all 2520’s with a couple of speckles of us here and there. It was also filled with a bunch of kids and I didn’t want to expose them to one of my pop off sessions. Even though she definitely tried to take it there I knew it wasn’t the time nor the place.

My thing is where the hell is this lil 2520 getting this courage from? She was lucky that I’m working on my issue. She definitely gonna get fresh with the wrong person one of these days. I’m just glad that I held it in because I was not trying to be somewhere arguing with a kid. That was gonna make me look foolish. So yeah I feel like this has to be a test. I’m gonna pass it though…. I’m still changing y’all!!!!!!!

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  1. V Renee
    November 24, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Hmmmm. Kudos to you!!! I’m proud of you. Even though I probably would have still seat checked her azz. And if she still popped off, I may have had to check that I’d (I can’t hit a minor can I?) and then got in that azz. In the words of Bernie Mac, “she gotta learn”.

  2. ms80sbaby
    November 24, 2009 at 11:32 am

    @V…. Believe me I wanted to tear into that lil girl because her actions were so deliberate… It was nothing she could have said or done to make me think she didn’t know we were coming to sit there… She did that mess on purpose just so we couldn’t sit next to them. That pissed me off and then her trying to pop off pissed me off more. She tried to cause a scene but considering I didn’t feed into it she couldn’t do anything but sit her @zz down. So I don’t even think anybody else knew what was going on. She just made herself look even more guilty when she tried to “defend” her actions if she was innocent then the stuff I was saying wouldn’t have bothered her.

    I had to refrain from addressing her. Even when she said something I kind of put my hand up as to let her know I was blocking her @zz out. She tried to change her tone and address my friend like can you tell your wife or girlfriend that I had told him to move before y’all got up…He just igged her and she got the hint and didn’t say nothing else the entire movie.

    And then once my friend came back… She seen the look on our faces and I proceeded to tell her the whole story and ol girl knew better and said nothing this time.

    What’s funnier is that night I had went out to eat with my friends and they had a friend who is a cop tag along….I was like so uhhhhh what will happen to me if I hit a minor….

    That lil girl will definitely learn, however I knew it was in my best interest to NOT give her the lesson I wanted to due to my surroundings….. I know after the movie they lil @zzes got up outta there quick.

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