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I’m thankful for…..finally finishing my vision board

So I finally did my vision board and it felt so good once I completed it. I opted for the “open and allow” board and I was led to do more of an inspirational board. I’m surprised because this was not the route that I intended to go, however, I am definitely pleased with the results. It’s definitely encouraging and reaffirms that change is on the way.

See my vision board below: 







I’m going to go through and list everything that I have on my board:

Loosen Up– I need to loosen up more sometimes I have the tendency to be uptight.

Think It Through – I am a thinker 😉

Forgiving the unforgettable – I definitely have a problem with forigiving so I need to work on this.

Life without breast cancer – Cancer runs in my family so I’m not even trying to claim it.

Take me as I am, or have nothing at all- Self – explanatory. I’m not changing for anybody else.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within –  I shouldn’t let anyone or anything get to me

Taking control – I need to be more of a go getter in terms of seeking a new career.

Casual chic – My name is 80’s and I’m a casual chic.

Believe It – I need to believe more!!!!

No Doubt– I need to quit doubting myself.

You can have it all – Yes, I can have it all!!!!

Great expectations – I have great expectations for myself

She’s got the power– Yes, I have to power to exceed all of my expectations

To each her own– You can do you because I’m gonna do me.

Success story– I’m already a success story but have so much more to accomplish

Arm yourself….with compassion – There’s nothing wrong with being compassionate

No more drama – I need to stay above the drama

Manage money. Get ahead. Live free – Speaks for itself

The happiness you deserve – I definitely deserve HAPPINESS

Strong and healthy – I want to be strong and healthy

Phenomenal Woman – Phenomenal woman, that’s me….

The perfect balance – I need to find the perfect balance in everything

 Never Hide- It’s never okay to hide how I really feel about any situation

Lovin’ life – I stay lovin’ life. Yes, I do!

A league of her own – I stay in my lane I don’t want to be in nobody else’s

Your road to success may be bumpy – There will be obstacles that I have to overcome

Celebrate your natural brilliance- I am brilliant

Absolutely fabulous – I am fabulous indeed

Find greatness within – I come from greatness

Pick your battles -Every battle is not to be fought…. I’m already working on not popping off….

There are times to celebrate –  There have been times to celebrate and there will be many more to come

Today… Build a legacy for tomorrow – I want to leave legacy

The Wow Factor – Yes, I want it!!!!

 Start your journey-  I’m ready to start my new journey

Something beautiful is about to happen – I’m ready for change

Wonder woman -Yes, that’s me….

Strive and Thrive -I refuse to settle. So I’m still striving.

Get ready for a beautiful beginning – Ready for upcoming change

She’s Back – Yes, I’m back…. I’m over it.. I’m ready to cut all strings and start anew

A new lease on life – No more looking backwards

You don’t stand in lines. You create them.  Setting myself apart from what I’m used to

Professional -I’m a young black professional

Don’t worry be happy – No worries

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