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Picky, Picky, Picky……….

A few weeks ago, I was coming out of our break room and this tall black man was  standing in our hallway. It scared the mess out of me and I screamed because he startled me. I hate when people just pop up. So I proceeded to do what needed to be done for him and we laughed about him scaring me. He’s like I would expect that from them but not you. We flirted a bit, he even said something like I may have to come over more often so I can see you. I just kind of laughed it off thinking dude I’ll probably never see you again.

Fast forward to a recent staff meeting and he was introduced as a new coworker. So we exchanged glances considering we recognized each other. I was laughing on the inside because he was still trying to flirt but would catch himself. I would pass him something and he was like thanks sweetie then he would clean it up and change his tone like I mean thank you. I thought that was cute.

So when he wasn’t looking I did the glanceover. He was a nice looking guy. He could have used a haircut and his hair was a lil thin at the crown. (Nothing a bald head couldn’t fix)  He had a nice smile. Off of his looks alone he was decent. So then I looked at his clothing. He  had on a hoodie which was understandable considering the work that he does. So then I look at the jeans. Didn’t like the jeans at all. Didn’t like the wash of them. They looked like they could have been some Lees. Do they even make Lee’s for men? I’m just saying Lee’s because the wash looked like some jeans my granny wear. So then I make my way down to his feet. He had on some Lugz shoe boots. Me no likely Lugz  either. He seems like he has a great personality. After our meeting he just started chatting it up with the coworkers about his schooling and then he talked about wanting to go hunting. He knew how to work them using the method of finding a common interest. Considering where I live they all jumped in on the hunting conversation. I was sitting there grossed out. Who wants to talk about deer hunting? Not me.

However, I DO NOT DATE GUYS FROM WORK. I just don’t do it. To me it just seems like it opens the doors for a potential messy situation. So I refrain. So in this particular situation, there’s not a chance for anything with this guy. Yes, I’m saying this as if he’s interested in me 😉 

I know that I have a problem with being picky when it comes to men. The littlest thing can turn me off. All of my friends and my sister hate that about me. Heck, I don’t like it myself but it’s hard to change it.  I know that I shouldn’t get turned off so easily. I know that the stuff that’s turning me off is that stuff that shouldn’t even matter.

First step: Admitting the problem

My name is 80’s and I have a tendency to be extremely picky when it comes to men.

What about you? Are you picky? Were you picky at a point? Talk to me………….

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  1. LP
    November 20, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    You know what being picky means right?

    It means you are protecting yourself from what you think might always lead to you being hurt. That’s all being picky hides: you are deathly afraid of letting anyone (new) close to you. Reason why you keep going back to those “past” romances…

    It’s not the guys you are picky about, it’s just that it’s re-assuring to have a way out of committing.

    I think this guy sounds nice. What are Lugz shoes? Are they bad? I have a soft spot for people who have different interests than what people might expect… So off of that alone, I would have dug Lee Jeans boy. ;)… Plus, even if the jeans are Lee’s, does it really matter? 😆

    Go 80’s enjoy being young and single… Flirt a little… 😉

  2. ms80sbaby
    November 20, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    @Lp….I totally understand what you’re saying and there is definitely some truth in that…… There was a guy who I met and he called out the blue and we actually had a good conversation. But at one point he had something and my lying radar went off like hold on didn’t he just say etc. I was trying to connect dots when it’s a possibility there weren’t even dots to connect… It’s like I’m always trying to find something wrong.

    Over on CB even commenting on dude I was just thinking what’s up with me and people from my past. I know that I have issues w/ going through the getting to know you phase again……. Part of me is like what’s the point if it’s not guaranteed to work…. And I know I shouldn’t think like that because there’s never a guarantee on anything.

    There are probably issues there with committing because I’m ready to walk away from someone new in a minute…

    You always make me do some sort of self reflections and I’m really appreciative…… 😉

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