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The high school ex-factor pt.3

Now it’s time to discuss the history w/the BM

Growing up she lived in the same neighborhood as my grandmother. So we played together.  We were in plenty of organizations together. Played on the same sports team. Darn near grew up together. I never had any problems with the girl. Even in high school I heard that she liked him while we were together but he loved me so I wasn’t tripping. It wasn’t until my 19th birthday party I realized that she thought I had a problem with her. I was having a bbq and one of her friends came and asked if it was okay if she came to the bbq. Me being the hostess with the mostest,I was like it’s not a problem for her to come. I wasn’t thinking about her.

Fast forward to years later I still don’t have a problem with the girl. Her and my ex ended up going to the same school.  So I knew what the situation was. He had a girlfriend and then her waiting in the wing. She made her move when he got sick. I hear she was constantly at the hospital by his side. So it’s kind of a good thing  that I never went to see him. So once he was well then I guess their “alleged” relationship started.

Unfortunatey for her he stayed denying it. However, everytime I seen her she would go running back to him about me. I seen her at a funeral. She went to him, I seen 80s and she acted like didn’t want to speak. Excuse me, why is she worrying about me? Me and my mom attended his best friend’s wedding. He was there because he was in the wedding and so was she because she was a cousin of the bride. The entire reception he was in my face, sat at my table, and is on the video for the bride and groom talking about I’m trying to get the family back together (talking about us). The entire time we were interacting she stayed watching us.  But he stayed put at my table with me and my mother. It was even to the point my momma got up because she said that her momma was also watching us. My momma like you know her momma crazy and I want no parts of this.

Let me clarify now, that I was not denial. I know that he was messing with her. In high school, I probably would have been in denial about the situation. But I knew what it was. I also knew that she had a problem with me. It was apparent by her actions. She probably wondered what was it about me. For one, we never had sex and for two, remember I didn’t go see him in the hospital. All I can say about that is she can never be me. 😉

So when I got the news that she was pregnant. I was kind of like well cool this is my way out forever. When we were younger I specifically told him on my momma’s couch that if he was to get somebody pregnant I would not be able to get back with him. Tada somebody was expecting his child. So when he would hint to me about giving him a chance I would say nope because you got a baby. I still think that the pregnancy was payback to him for denying her like he did. Not as in she planned to trap him ( she very well could have) but as in the universe revealing what was going on in the dark.

I’ve already told y’all about the situation at the park where I just waved at his mom because she was with her. And how she came back and found me once she left. Well, there was another incident. However, this time his mom had been drinking a little so I guess she said bump being respectful to her. Me and the ex have cousins who are married so we were at their wedding  reception and so was his baby mama. He had came and spoke to my table and that was pretty much it. We both had family there so we were busy entertaining family not paying attention to the awkwardness of the situation.  However, his mother cornered me and decided to express how I had hurt her sons feelings by not seeing him in the hospital. Since she was a little intoxicated I acted like he hadn’t expressed that to me so she would leave me alone.

Fast forward months later, the baby is here and I finally realize what the situation is going to be. Even though the clues were there along. I was at the park for a basketball tournament. I noticed she was just sitting in the car. He arrived and then they made their entrance as a family to the park. So I noticed he was acting real distant. No, I was not gonna go up to them to speak. Because how was that gonna look on my part. Was it gonna seem as if I was trying to be funny? So I just stayed in the background. He eventually made his way over to my group of friends and said hi to the entire group. In my head I was thinking I know you not on this when you was just texting me this morning. As soon as he was in his car he was texting me like I already know how you are and I don’t want you to think I was acting funny. I didn’t even respond. That night we seen each other at a party. He came up to give me a hug. I pumped his brakes. Like awwww nah, you couldn’t me hug me earlier so don’t be trying to hug me now. The wonderful thing that happened that night was that I didn’t even have to say a word. My friends said it all for me.

Eventually we talked about it and I told him how I felt about the situation. One issue was that I had my little cousin with me and he really didn’t speak to him either. Not as he would if he were over my house. So I nipped that in the bud real quick like no, you are not about to be on that at all especially when it comes to my family. I’m not having that. He got the message real quick. One of my aunts had seen him and her at the store. She came back to me like I don’t know what you said to him but he seen me and came running to give me a hug. She said he about ran over her. She also said that his baby momma was just looking like wtf.

I’ve seen them together recently. He already knew not to walk past me as if he didn’t see me considering we talk/text often. First, he gave dap to my daddy, then he gave me a handshake (yes a handshake), and then hugged my momma. Me and both of my parents were just laughing at the awkwardness of it all because it’s like she’s just there. So later on at this same event I had went to speak to some more family members and I could just feel somebody staring at me. It was him.

Still to be continued……

Okay I’m trying to wrap all of this up…. So in the next post I’m determined to tie ALL OF THIS TOGETHER.

Just reading this  got me over like this situation is kind of messy as all get out… But I’m gonna let y’all know how I really feel and etc in the wrap up.

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