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The high school ex-factor pt.2

So I think at a point everybody thought we were gonna last forever. During our relationship we were together all of the time and he really did become part of the family. He still is kind of part of the family. My mom once said to me not too long ago she used to think that he was gonna be her son in law. She got the side eye for that comment. Like seriously. Every time I see his mom she breaks her neck to come speak to me and the same thing can be said about his dad. So people were rooting for us to be together.

When we were both away at school we both were learning more about ourselves. We just happened to grow in two totally different directions. We grew further apart when we were both in serious relationships. However, neither one of the relationships lasted and he had went through a serious illness and it brought us back closer.

I was dead wrong for what I did and I have apologized for it. I seriously don’t know if he’s forgiven me. He was seriously ill when we were both in graduate school. And I never went to see him in the hospital. I honestly have no excuse. I just didn’t go. For the longest, I thought I was never gonna hear the end of it. Even his mom would come up to me and say that his feelings were hurt behind it. There was really nothing I could say. At that time we were drifted apart so I just didn’t go. Once he was better, our arguments over it would get heated. Looking back on the situation I can understand why his feelings would be hurt. His thing was that he could have died. I apologized and explained that I didn’t understand how serious it was.

So after he forgave me we started bridging the gap and talking more. Even though we talked it was never on some let’s get back together type stuff. He would mention it every now and then but I never took him serious about it. I would hear rumors about his supposed girlfriends and he stayed denying everything. I don’t know why people are linking me to her and so on. At the time I wasn’t interested in him so I thought his “denying everything” stance was pure comedy so I always asked him about the supposed word on the street when it came to him.

He was attending a weekend workshop for a possible job about 45 minutes away from where I stay. Considering he wasn’t far from me I agreed to meet him for dinner. We walked around downtown had dinner and then went back to his hotel room. [in case you’re wondering we’ve never done the do] We just sat around and talked.It ended up getting late and I didn’t want to drive back so I stayed the night. This was the first time we had ever spent the night together. I thought it was so cute that he promised me that he wasn’t going to try anything. To let me know he was serious he put pillows down the middle of the bed. He slept on one side and I slept on the other side of the bed. And nothing happened. However, that night I did realize that whatever feelings I had for him were gone. He has a tendency to be smart alec so some of that could have contributed to that too.

Fast forward to some months later. We’re still communicating. Whenever we were home at the same time he would stop by. It was nothing. Just a simple visit and we would talk in person. He was kind of back in the picture. Just as a friend though and that’s it. Sometime in February of 07 he finally approached me seriously on the idea of us getting back together. I told him I would think about it. I was actually putting some thought into it wondering if I could go back down that road again. However, before I could give my decision I got a phone call from one of my bestie’s talking about guess who got a baby on the way. It was him. I got off the phone and called him. I couldn’t even say anything. I just laughed in his ear.  I was seriously crackin up. Mainly because the girl who was pregnant by him is someone who he always claimed that it was nothing ever between them. [I promise God don’t like ugly. What goes on in the dark will eventually get revealed] Eventually he said, I guess you’ve heard. I’m like I sure have and kept right on laughing.

So now because of this child, I always find myself in awkward situations. For example, I seen his mother with the girl while she was pregnant at a community function. His mother just waved to me to be respectful to the girl. I didn’t know that his mother was walking her to her car. I’m talking about the girl probably wasn’t even out of the parking lot before his mother came back and found me. She hugged me and just started chatting it up asking how I’ve been. I was laughing on the inside like this situation is too crazy. I didn’t realize that was the beginning of what was to come regarding all future occurrences w/ the girl……. Stay tuned… More to come…..

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  1. V Renee
    November 10, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Ummmm I’m ready for part 3!!!!

  2. ms80sbaby
    November 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    @V…. Girrrrrrlllllllllll, it’s coming……… LOL

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