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The high school ex-factor pt. 1

I may have to break this up into a few posts because this may be a tad bit longer than I expected. Sooo here’s the first snippet…..

My ex-factor has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old. Yep, the flirting started my freshman year of high school and it wasn’t until my sophomore year that we were in a relationship. During high school we had our problems. He had been a bigger guy and lost a lot of weight so during the course of our relationship he couldn’t handle the attention that he was getting from girls. He wasn’t used to that all. We had our problems. We would breakup only to get back together later on.

He was a year older than me so he graduated from high school and we still continued our relationship/friendship when he went off to school. Then I went off to school and we still remained good friends. He went to a PWI and unfortunately,  I felt like he changed for the worst over the years. The arrogance and jerk tendencies were out of control. I blame his school experience.

Throughout the years we tried the “official relationship” once more during my sophomore year of college.  I just didn’t trust him and he was such a liar so yeah I had to end that real quick.

Fast forward to 2009 and we’re still friends. He’s been a part of my life now for twelve years and we’ve never lost contact. We’ve both had relationships and during these times we were still around but just in the background. As friends we talk about our future career goals, family, and whatever else is going on in our lives. He has tried to pry and inquire about my last relationship but I don’t want to cross those lines. I don’t inquire about any of his relationships so I encourage him to give me the same respect. 🙂

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